Monday, July 22, 2013

The weekend!

This weekend was our Family Reunion in Iowa!!!  It was a lot of fun!!  There were people there that I had only seen once in my life and some that I had never seen!  My Mom's parents and her brother and his family live in Iowa.  We went down on Thursday and stayed at Uncle Steve and Aunt Kim's house and came back today.  Here is a list of people that were there......

Grandpa and Grandma Carlson (they live in Iowa)
Don, Chuck and Tom (Grandpa's cousins...this was the first time I had met them)
Uncle Steve, Aunt Kim, Alex and Jeff (my Mom's brother that lives in Iowa)
Uncle Dave (Mom's brother that lives in Milwaukee)
Us :) (Mom, Dad, Anna, Carrie, me and Shannon)
Daven, Ellen, Connor, Ben and Will (Daven is Mom's cousin and they live in Illinois)
Moira (Ben's girlfriend)
Wendy (Mom's cousin who lives in Texas)

Here are some pictures of the weekend.

 The says Happy Reunion Carlson Family
in Swedish because we are a Swedish family :)
 Top row from left to right- Connor, Carrie, Ben, Anna
Bottom from left to right- Shannon, Jeff, Will, Alex
and me laying across them :) :)
The whole group! (all except for Moira who was taking the picture)
Front row from left to right- Connor, Will, Jeff, me, Elsie the dog :), Shannon, Wendy and Alex
Middle row from left to right- Chuck, Don, Tom, Grandpa and Grandma
Top row from left to right- Daven, Ben, Dad, Ellen, Uncle Dave, Mom, Uncle Steve, Aunt Kim, Anna and Carrie.
Saturday was the main day, and we had a lot of fun!  We had Beanbag, Horseshoe, Bocce Ball and Badminton tournaments, and we did Water Balloon toss too :). 
Sunday, after Daven and Ellen left, we went to the fair in Monticello!  Jeff and Alex are in Boy Scouts and so every morning that the fair was going they would go at 6am and clean the fairgrounds for the day.  Sunday morning Carrie and I went with them and everyone who did that would get either a daily pass ticket or some free ride tickets.  So we all got do everything for free!!  At night was a concert by Capital Kings, Jamie Grace and TobyMac!!!  It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I think it was one of the best concerts I've been to!  For Capital Kings and Jamie Grace we were way up in the stands but for TobyMac me, Anna, Carrie and Shannon got to go in up by the stage :D.  It was really loud, but it was worth it!  By the end of the night my voice was hoarse from singing every song :).  It was amazing! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Shopping and Nathan coming home!

Hi!  Today me and my dad and 2 of my sisters (Carrie and Shannon) went shopping!!  I hadn't been (clothes) shopping in a long time so this was really fun for me ;).  I got some super cute clothes (that I love :)) at are pictures of them.

my shirt :)

my outfit that I'm wearing to Church this Sunday :)

I L♥VE shopping at Maurices!!  They have really cute clothes :).

In other news, my brother Nathan is (most likely) coming home tonight!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!  I missed him a lot ♥♥.  Their flight from Haiti to Miami, Florida got cancelled yesterday due to the Tropical Storm Chantal, so they didn't leave Haiti until this morning.  They're plane was supposed to land in Chicago sometime this evening then they had to drive to Fond du Lac and he wasn't for sure if he was going to drive all the way home tonight or stay over and come tomorrow morning.  I really hope he comes tonight!!!!!  I haven't seen him in almost 2 weeks!  Thanks so much for reading and please comment!! :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

♥ Summer Days ♥

I just love summer!  I think it might be my favorite season........ Last night Brady and Beckett got to sleep over!  We had a lot of fun :) we're going to Tyler and Jessie's house tonight for supper and the boys are going back then.  Today is beautiful!!!!!  It's warm and sunny with a little breeze.....I love it.  Playing with my nephews in the sunshine, the sound of the lawn mower in the background, bees buzzing on the flowers....♥♥  Here are some pictures of Brady and Beckett this morning :)

 Brady on the rope swing :)
 me and Beckett Leander ♥
 Brady and Beckett!!

And this afternoon Michael and Lindsey are coming over too!!  So we'll have all the cousins together at Grandma and Grandpa's house (except for Janae Catherine, Joel and Lydia's baby girl due in October :)).

And please pray for my brother, Nathan, who is in Haiti right now!!  Pray that they (everyone he went with) will stay safe and won't get sick from heat exhaustion or anything like that because it is really hot in Haiti in July!  Thanks so much!