Friday, March 29, 2013

Skiing! :)

Hi everyone!!!  Figured it was time for another post..... Wednesday we went skiing at Ski Brule in Michigan with some friends of ours!!!  It was a lot of fun :).  Thankfully, our camera didn't die in the middle of the day (I forgot to charge it before we left :/) and so I got to take some pictures :).  There is also a picture of our whole group on Ski Brule's Facebook of the workers came out and took a picture of us while we were eating lunch.  Here are the pictures!! :)

Anna and Kyra Meidam on the chair lift :)
Me and Carrie
Me and Care-Bear again!! :)
I thought this was pretty :)
looking down from the ski lift
??? What am I thinking ???
(I really have no idea what I was doing :))
Shannon and Kynsey
Mom and Mrs. Meidam
Anna snowboarding
Carrie :)
Anna going off a jump
My Easter outfit!!!!
  (I know this isn't skiing...but I wanted to put it on here anywaqy :))

Hope you liked all the pictures!! :)
In Christ,
Lauren C

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby hat :)

Hi everyone! :)  Here are some pictures of a pink camo baby hat that I made the other day.  Enjoy!!

Here it is!

It is so small that it got done very quickly! 
Sorry the background is so dark... :/ 
There you go!!
Thanks for stopping by!!  See ya,

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Hi Everybody!!  Today my nephew Brady turns THREE!!!!!!!!  He is getting to be such a big boy!!  I can't believe how old he is already :).  Here are some pictures of his life so far....
 Brady and Auntie Anna in the hospital right after he was born.
6 months 
I'm not sure how old he is here but this is him and Michael (his cousin) 
Farmer Brady!!  He is almost 1 in this picture..... 
He's so cute!! 
Holding his new (at that time) little brother, Beckett. 
 :) ♥ ♥
Brady and Michael again :) 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY!!!!  I love you so much buddy! ♥ ♥
p.s. this is him blowing out candles on his breakfast donut this morning. :)
Thanks for stopping by!!