Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Book Review - Gladys Aylward

Oh dear...I apologize for the lack of attention to my blog!!  But the truth is that we've been super busy lately and I didn't really have anything to write about when I did have time! 
I've been reading a LOT of fiction books lately...I love to read!!  My favorite author is Lori Wick.  She writes Christian romance novels, which I love!  A friend of ours just gave me a bag full of books by her so I've been reading tons!  Now, to start off 2014, my mom wants us to take a break from reading fiction, and read things like biographies and other non-fiction books.  I chose to read a book about Gladys Aylward, who was a missionary in China in the early 1900's.  I've read this book before, but it is so good that I'm reading it again!  It's by Janet and Geoff Benge...they have written lots of biographies about missionaries and I've read quite a few of them.  There is also a movie about Gladys Aylward called Inn of the Sixth Happiness but I haven't seen it since I was really little so I want to see it again soon.  The only problem is that nobody else in my family really wants to see it again because it's pretty graphic considering all the horrible things that the Chinese people used to do...maybe still do.  That kind of stuff has never really bothered me that much though, unlike my sister Carrie :P but I'm getting off the subject.... I highly recommend this book, but although not as much as the movie, it is graphic too.  I also recommend other books by the same authors...some of the ones I've read are Jim Elliot, Mary Slessor, Hudson Taylor, George Muller and Betty Greene.
Thanks for reading!!  Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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